BUT thanks to the internet-I can find it again :)

March 11, 2011 was Martha Graham's Birthday and Google made this animation to commemorate the day! So Cool. 
Here it is in case you missed it too!

HBD Madam Graham. Very Belated. 

This is a word I have come to think about quite a bit in my life. Routine. Other than in dance, my life has been pretty void of consistant practice of routines. 

Of course in class-there is much routine-warm up, center floor work, locomotive work, phrase work (once referred to as routine when I was a child taking classes) and cool down is left to the dancer. 
So while that is a basic structure of a class (there are MANY other formats for sure)-that has been the most consistant routine in my entire life. I don't even celebrate the same holidays every year. I like to change it up, apparently.

Until I moved to NYC, I even moved around Rochester about every six months. There was no establishing routines in a new place because I was always moving. I think I kept one or two apartments for two years-but I mostly just shuffled about. This lack of routine has been something very apparent to me, something I crave to bits. I crave it like I crave chocolate (or ballet class. I really miss practicing consistant ballet!)

SO-I have begun some new routines. Some of it involves how I wake up, how I eat, but I am searching for routines in how I work, be that making dance work or making life work. 

I suppose that my lack of routine could be synonymous with my lack of need for routine. Although I want it, my life has functioned without the definition of applied routine. I have felt want for, yet have not taken that want a step farther into a need of routine. Is this luxury? To be able to choose what I need? I believe it is a form of my privilege that I am able to choose what I deem 'necessary routine'. For others, this is conscripted inside religion, gender expression, or laws of their countries. 

Upon searching Routine in art-I found Mary Coble  , a Denmark based feminist performance artist.