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running is cool.
I'm tackling the autumn months with a new directive-running.
I used to run much more before I moved to NYC, and I'm taking up the habit again :) My father is a half marathon runner and it is my goal to be able to run with him in a half marathon next year. 

So, I found a local 5k race that focuses on TURTLES (and other sealife)! The turtle is my father's totem animal, so this is a dedications of beginnings to him.

Click for info on the Wildlife Conservation Society Run for the Wild!

I find that when I run more, I dance better, I feel better, I laugh more-it's kinda a panacea for health. 
Look for a new project this october-a dance video dedicated to NYC park running.

Believe me, it will be ridiculous and fun :) If you want to be a part of it, comment here or fill out the contact form on the site!

Happy running!
So we were talking, about life and love and expectation and hopes and goals...
kind of. I was super tired and not really totally engaging in the conversation because I was so wrapped up in memories and then...

Then my friend John said this:
focus on your heart. and your legs--make them move in ways that make you happy. and then your heart will follow. and then you will be in love.

Well that stopped me in my thought tracks. 
I needed that.