Everything is new. New apartment. New degree. New motivation. New language. New opportunities. New outlook. New classes.

This past month, I've been teaching at the COHSI's Curiosity Project in Staten Island, curated by my friend and partner in dance crime, Melissa West. I also performed this saturday past at Jennifer Muller's HATCH series with Danielle Connolly. It was there that I met Jennifer Montoya of Touch Theory Dance and was invited to become part of her growing company. I will be styling for photographer Tim Goodwin for some of his headshot clients, and for Choreographer Trina Mannino for her recent work, set to shoot on May 10th. At this months end, I am co-hosting a workshop by one, wonderful Al Wunder from Australia! April 28th at the Randy Warshaw studios.

Now I know this is really a giant list, but writing it all out finally gives me a moment to say to myself...this is the beginning, how it starts. This is where it all gets rolling and keeps going until you look up later and say, hey! Look at all this stuff we made! All this work I've done.

And then you smile put your head down again, and keep going.

I'm keeping my head down for now-a brief reflection is okay for now, but no jumping away to the future without first doing the work. However-I'll still be smiling, even if it is at the ground for awhile :)

This is one of those mornings I debate morning class. I have no idea how or really why it is even up for debate at the moment. But sometimes life gets in the way of our practice, our training. I recently dealt with a dropped metatarsal in my left foot that prevented me from participating in class, but I still went. I usually did the warm up, and some of the technique (what I could handle, anyway)
But I went. It gave me time to heal. I'm still healing, but I am in a more manageable place right now, in mind and body. So that means I skip class?!?!

Not really, a morning off it actually really necessary for my creative regrowth (also to my muscular regrowth. I am a sore lady dancer today) 
But with a morning off, I can take a little bit longer in my morning floor work at home, drink my coffee a little slower, update my blog a little more leisurely. It's quite nice to have a morning to oneself. 

I recommend it. However, tomorrow is back to the joy of class. 100%. Now pardon me while I go lift weights and sip coffee.

AT THE SAME TIME. Such a rebel.