This is one of those mornings I debate morning class. I have no idea how or really why it is even up for debate at the moment. But sometimes life gets in the way of our practice, our training. I recently dealt with a dropped metatarsal in my left foot that prevented me from participating in class, but I still went. I usually did the warm up, and some of the technique (what I could handle, anyway)
But I went. It gave me time to heal. I'm still healing, but I am in a more manageable place right now, in mind and body. So that means I skip class?!?!

Not really, a morning off it actually really necessary for my creative regrowth (also to my muscular regrowth. I am a sore lady dancer today) 
But with a morning off, I can take a little bit longer in my morning floor work at home, drink my coffee a little slower, update my blog a little more leisurely. It's quite nice to have a morning to oneself. 

I recommend it. However, tomorrow is back to the joy of class. 100%. Now pardon me while I go lift weights and sip coffee.

AT THE SAME TIME. Such a rebel.