BUT I will try try and try again! I admit that the main reason for my lack of blogging has been a naughty router, but all is operational again and Chez Carafice is all systems GO!

Here's the best thing that happened-I FINISHED MY MOVIE!!! Well, the first draft anyway. I'll be showing it soon and it's online presence will drop this summer. Because, really, it's not finished. It won't be finished for some time-but it's at a good place, like first base. I have the rest of the diamond to run, but I'm not out!

I also performed with Mariangela Lopez and the Accidentals at Judson Church. We developed a ritual, and you can see the video here: (I'm in bright bright yellow)

This isn't actually the entire piece, I think that the youtube time limit kicked in and unfortunately the giant amazing resolve of this piece isn't included. I'll try to get the full video up soon. 

OH WHAT ELSE? I have been attending contact jams and something called the barefoot boogie! Info on the boogie can be found here: http://www.barefootboogie.org/ It's $10-$15 dollars (sliding scale) and you can knock it down to $5 by working a 1/2 hour door shift.  This website also has a great list of upcoming awesome dance parties. CHECK IT!!

Alright, I'm off to get my butt in gear, so while this was a brief update, I'll be sure to post more soon!
Mariangela Lopez. Movement Mastermind.
At four pm today, I was sitting and chatting with Mariangela Lopez in the hallway outside Eden's Expressway. She was nice, petite, and full of smiles. Little did I know that this woman would soon TERRIFY ME.

Well, not really terrify me, but really challenge my comfort zones in a really productive and wonderful way. Mari focused on movement-the movement that we do as children, full of curiosity and wonder, and completely void of judgement. 

This is harder than it sounds. Leaving judgement behind to revert to former childlike bliss sounds wonderful, and I feel like I caught it in moments, but it was all together just really...scary!

Dance can be like that. Completely terrifying. I think that lots of people are terrified by dance because they don't think they can dance, or they don't think they look good while dancing. I know I can dance, and I think I look just fine doing it, but what was scary was suspending judgement of my own towards what I really wanted to do-rather than just popping out what I was 'supposed' to do. Because while dancers are used to taking risks, we are also used to being very very obedient. 

The workshop is still open, and runs for the next three Sundays in May. Registration can be found here. I cannot be in attendance this Sunday due to work, but I will see Mari and everyone else for the remaining two workshops. Please come join us! Many of the registrants are not dancers, but rather people interested in movement experiences. Come join the fun!