Hee hee! I love this time-it's full of spazzy productivity for me. I am awaiting the arrival of my parents here in my little Bushwick abode, and I am so excited to see them! 
In the meantime there are techologies to wrangle and kitties to groom. 

Please check out the upcoming performances section of my website for full details about the show this Saturday! 

Hula Hoops, Apples, Lipsticks, questions and answers, 
You get the picture. 48 HOURS TO SHOWTIME PEOPLE!
I <3 production week. Perhaps it's the kid in me, but hot dog does everything feel kinda magical when you have a show.

The bags under your eyes from editing video until 1:30am
The crack in your foot from that move you keep rehearsing because you keep thinking "oh my goodness if I fall..."
The trips to the store for another prop you need...

but really! it's magical, I swear! I've uploaded some photos by the wonderful Adam Jason from our most recent rehearsals, feel free to browse and check out Adam's site as well! Now, I'm off to sleep...for about 10 minutes. That's showbiz, kids :)

Last night Melissa West and I orchestrated a shadow movie that will be featured during the Lovers Waltz section of her upcoming work "Pretty Little Things" 

If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? June 18th, Melissa West is presenting her first independent show and I am the guest artist on the bill-presenting When Was the Last Time you Danced? The dance solo, not the movie. OK, so some of the movie will be in the solo, but that is ACES, BABY. I'm all over mixing the multi into the media, know what I'm sayin'?

click to download this flyer!
So after a rehearsal filled with laughter and phrases like, "wait-how many steps is that REALLY?" We concluded and I was full of apple. I eat apples each rehearsal. YOU'LL HAVE TO COME TO FIND OUT WHY!!!

I returned home, printed and launched my studio campaign of Haircuts 4 Dancers. I am offering at home/studio/performance space services to dancers who are always on the GO. Literally. We do not sit still. Like ever. So for $40, I come to you and make you ready to give your all onstage and in life. Awesome, right? Contact me for an appointment!

I'm off to Ballet at Dance New Amsterdam with Hee Ra Yoo. I have taken her classes before, and I thought it was high time I got my butt over to some degages and tendus and quite lollygagging my adage. 

Here goes! Hope you have a fancy friday night, internet :)
~Mary Ellen