Last night after Hee Ra's class at DNA, I got to check out the Performance Project, featuring work by Kendra Portier and Sasha Soreff (I only saw half the show because I was in class, so I'm not sure what other choreographers performed last night)

It was really great on a personal note to see two of my Hunter classmates Rachel Goldstein and Andrea Cassidy performing in Portiers work again. Rachel, Andrea, and I had the pleasure of dancing for Kendra this past academic year at Hunter College as part of the department repertory, sponsored by the Harkness in Dance Residency program. 

You can check out KP's work HERE. In fact, you really should check it out. Like now. 

The work I saw last night was all Kendra-she has such a distinct style, but it allows each dancer to really shine through as well. The atmospheric sounds and beats made me think I had happened upon this band of serious women who had tasks at hand-serious sensual tasks that were physically necessary to their lives. This is essential Kendra. Having been in her work, and having seen her previous work with Launch Movement Experiment, I can see the work oriented sincerity and the playfulness that exist in her motifs. I recommend you check out the performance project, which runs tonight and tomorrow at DNA.

SOOOO, today it's FESTIVAL!!!

This means I get to go around the corner from my house and take class in my neighborhood bar. That's right, it's bar(re) HOW COOL IS THAT?! 

I'll be all warmed up from the Contact Jam at Eden's Expressway  beginning at 1pm. I love my dancing life.

Have a super saturday peeps.