I have been super silent on this blog for some time now...but I am back and ready to write all about Australia!

That's right! I am in Australia at this very moment. I arrived last month and not being seeing the bright lights of the big apple until September.

So far I have been studying at Chunky Move and Lucy Gurin here in Melbourne, and Sydney Dance Company and AusDance while I was in Sydney.

I also had the priviledge of studying under Al Wunder, another descendent of Alwin Nikolais. My entire department at Hunter (well...many of them) had some relationship with the Nikolais company in some way, and isn't it wonderful to find someone else all the way on the other side of the earth? I was just enthused to be a part of his improvisational teacher training workshop at Cecil st Studio in Fitzroy. Cecil st is also home to the Melbourne contact improv scene. I've attended their weekly Tuesday jams for three weeks and found the community open, passionate, and really well attended and accepting.

I am awaiting word to see if my contact Dean Walsh from Sydney Dance Company will bring me back to Sydney for some more dancing in a rehearsal setting. I really hope that connection pans out.

Aside from dancing, I've been indulging in Bikram yoga, boxing classes, an occasional run along Port Philip while I'm in Melbourne, and lots of animal watching at the zoo...not to mention swimming with nurse sharks & cheeky sting rays :)

This post really is a huge recap of the past five weeks, and due to a new iPad app I'll be able to update more frequently!

Tomorrow I head back to morning class at Chunky Move (I took today off...rest is important too!), More hot yoga (it's very chilly here...I left summer in new york), some video editing, and some more shooting at the beach.

Goodnight...as soon as I can I'll post some photos via my iPad :)


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